100 wc car in roof

100 Word Challenge
What on earth happened?

One day I was sitting in my car talking to my friend on the phone about this virus called Covid-19 apparently it's really contagious and not fun to get. About 10 minutes passed before a giant jumped down from the clouds and through my car into the roof of my neighbors house. I was fortunate to not have any serious injuries. I opened the car door slowly and climbed down a ladder at the back of the house. My neighbor rushed outside his house and brought me to the hospital. It was a weird day.


  1. That really would be a super-weird day. A contagious virus and a giant all making it completely different from any ordinary day!
    Hopefully, you are coping with the virus by staying at home. I'm not sure what advice to offer in order to protect you from the giant though! I hope that you didn't have to stay in hospital too long....!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia


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